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Top Ten Batsmen with their highest runs –

Take a look at the top 10 batsmen who have scored more number of runs in test cricket. Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar has topped the list with the score of 15921.

1- Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar playing for India in the period of 1989-2013 has made 15921 runs.
2- Ricky Ponting  playing for Australia in the period of 1995-2012 has scored 13378 runs.
3- JH Kallis of South Africa playing in the period of 1995-2013 made 13289 runs.
4- Rahul Dravid representing from India during the period of 1996-2012 has made 13288 runs.
5- BC Lara representing from West Indies during the period of 1990-2006 has scored 11953 runs.
6- DPMD Jayawardene playing for Sri Lanka during the period of 1997-2014 has made 11319 runs.
7- S Chanderpaul of West Indies playing during the period of 1994-2013 has made 11219 runs.
8- Allan R Border representing Australia playing during the period of 1978-1994 has scored 11174 runs.
9- KC Sangakkara representing Sri Lanka playing during the period of 2000-2014 has scored 11151 runs.
10- SR Waugh of Australia playing during the period of 1985-2004 has scored 10927 runs.

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