GK/General Awareness/G-Studies -Important Points

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1-Kabir award is given for contribution to poetry.

2-Contribution to Science and Technology field is honoured by the Kalinga award

3-The Annual Academy awards are better known as Oscar Award

4-Red Cross won the Nobel Peace Prize for the first time in 1917.

5-Pundit Ravi Shankar has won the Polar Music Award instituted by the Royal Music Academy, Sweden

6- In terms of Prize money Saraswathy Samman is the highest literary prize in India

7-Ashapurna Devi was the first woman to win the Jnanpith award

8-Amnesty International won the Nobel Prize in 1977.

9-JB Pant Award awards is given to the Best Parliamentarian

10-Men from America has won the highest number of Nobel Prizes

11-Rene Sully Prudhome was the first to win the Nobel Prize for literature

12-Bharat Ratna is India’s highest civilian honour

13- Agatha Christie died in 1976

14-The artist Leonardo Da Vinci was alive in two centuries i.e 15th and 16th

15-Bankim Chandra Chatterjee is the author of the book- ‘Vrish Vriksha’

16-Sarojini Naidu is the author of ‘The Song of India’

17-Geoffrey Chaucer is known as the father of English poetry

18-The national calendar of India was adopted on 22 March 1957.

19- 4th October 1957 Sputnik-I , the first man mad satellite was launched in space.

20-India adopted the decimal monetary system in 1957.

21-The largest country in terms of area is Russia and then is Canada.

22-The smallest country in the world ion terms of area is Vatican.

23- Lord Mountbatten was the last governor general of India before independence.

24-Jog is one of the very famous waterfalls in India located in Karnataka.

25-Angel waterfall is the highest waterfall in the world and is located in Venezuela.

26-The present avatar of Associated Press of India is Press Trust of India, which is a non profit organization of Indian newspapers and came into existence in 1947.

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