GK Miscellaneous

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GK  2  Miscellaneous
* RBI was established in 1935.
* India has a parliamentary form of government.
* Sardar Ballabh Bhai Patel was the Chairman of committee on
fundamental rights and minorities in the constituent assembly.
*The source of fundamental duties in the constitution was
constitution of USSR.
*The element associated with Haemoglobin is iron.
*UP was known as United Province of Agra and Oudh prior to
* C vitamin is ancient.
* 42nd constitution amendment was based on the
recommendations of a committee headed by Sardar Swaran Singh.
* Right to Information Act does not apply to Jammu and
* In Parliamentary election in major states, maximum
expenditure limit by a candidate is Rs 40 lakh.
* Chief Election Commissioner  has 
the power to remove election commissioners from office.
* Hindi in Devnagari script is the official language of the
union of India.
*The first English factory was established in Surat.
* Jammu and Kashmir state is binding with article 370.
*The feasibility of Re-organisations of states on linguistic
basis has been examined by S K Dhar Commission.
* Union Council of ministers are collectively responsible to
Lok Sabha.
* Attorney General of India is entitled to participate in
the proceedings of Lok Sabha but not entitled to vote on any motion.
* Civil Dis-obedience movement is associated with Dandi
*British Parliament has passed an draconian act Rowlatt Act
1919 by which British government got power to detain any body without trial for
two years.

*An agreement between untouchables and Hindus took place at
Yerawada jail on September 24, 1932 by Poona act of 1932.
*Non Co-opeartion movement has established Hindu-Muslim
*Aruna Asaf Ali was called the grand old lady of
Independence movement.
* V D Savarkar has organised a secret society of
revolutionary known as Abhinava Bharat.
*Government of Indian Act 1919 has introduced Bicameral
legislature in India.
*Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan is also known as Frontier Gandhi.
*Gopal Krishna Gokhale has founded servants of Indian
*The other name of Communal award of 1932 is Ramsay
Macdonald award.
*Government of Indian act 1935 is associated with federal
system which is prevalent today.
* Vishnu Sharma composed Panchatantra.
*Sher Shah Suri is the first Muslim ruler of India who
displayed a real aptitude for civil government.
*Kakatiya dynasty had a woman sovereign named as Rudradeva
*Vasco da gama was the first European who visited India.
*Iswar Chand Vidya Sagar has launched a campaign towards
Hindu women’s remarriage according to which Hindu widow’ s remarriage act 1856
has been enacted which has legalised Hindu widow’s remarriage.
*Samudra Gupta has been called as Indian Napolean by V A
*During the reign of Chandra Gupta Maurya, Kautilya’s
Arthasasthra has been written.
*During Maurya’s administration, various forms of taxes were
in existence namely Pindakara,Hiranya and Bali.
*In UP largest number of poor people live.
*Bretonwoods sisters normally denote to IMF and IBRD.
*CRR,SLR,Repo Rate and Reverse Reporate are the instruments
of Monetary and Credit Policy.
*Sugar industry is the second largest agro based industry in
*Denmark and Holland are the best examples of highly
scientific development and management of pastoral farming.
*Australia posses densest railway network in terms of rail
route per million people..
* Vitamin A deficiency leads to Night Blindness.
* Salt lake and Eden Gardens stadium are situated in
*Aditya Joshi is the first Indian to be ranked world number
1 in Junior Badminton.
*Fair Remuneration price is announced for Sugarcane.
* RBI is a bankers bank.It is also a central bank.
* Cheques,drafts and bonds are example of optional money.
*FERA means Foreign Exchage Regulation Act.
* The amount that comes after dividing the national income
by population is called as per capita income.
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