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1-The great barrier reef is located in Australia

2-Troposphere atmospheric layer is closest to the Earth

3-Andes is the longest continuous mountain range in the world

4-The mass of water vapour per unit volume in air is known as Absolute humidity

5-Ionosphere layer of atmosphere is responsible for deflection of radio waves

6-Daily weather map showing isobars is an example of Isopleths map

7-Equatorial low pressure belt  region of the earth surface is called doldrums

8-Carbon Dioxide gas contributes the maximum to greenhouse effect

9-Rotation of the Earth causes the wind to be deflected towards the left in southern hemisphere

10-Lake victoria forms the international boundary between two countries Tanzania and Uganda

11-Plate Tectonics activities are considered to be the reason behind the drifting of continents on the earth surface

12-Ural mountain ranges separate Europe from Asia

13-The degree of hardness of minerals is indicated by Mons Scale

14-Pressure cooker is preferred for cooking at high altitudes because Boiling point of water reduces due to low atmospheric pressure

15-The process that tends to build up the land surface by deposition of solid material in its lower areas is known as Aggradation

16-Uranus planet is also known as lying planet

17-The continuous distance that wind blows over a water surface is known as Fetch

18-The only planet whose period of rotation is longer than the period of revolution around the sun is Venus

19-Dew Point is the term used to denote critical temperature at which the air gets saturated with water vapour and below which the condensation is likely to begin

20-Rain shadow effect is associated with Orographic type of rainfall

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