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Tallest Mountains – TOP 10

 Mountain               Height (mts/ft)       Country Range

* Mount Everest          8850m (29035ft)      Nepal/Tibet Himalaya

* K2 (Mt. Godwin Austin) 8611m (28250ft)     Pakistan/China Karakoram

* Kangchenjungag        8586m (28169ft)      India/Nepal Himalaya

* Lhotse                   8501m(27920ft)    Nepal/Tibet Himalaya

* Makalu I                 8462m (27655ft)   Nepal/Tibet Himalaya

* Cho Oyu                 8201m (26906ft)    Nepal/Tibet Himalaya

* Dhaulagiri I             8167m (27794ft)   Nepal Himalaya

 * Nanga Parbat            8125m (26658ft)   Pakistan Himalaya

* Annapurna I            8091m (26545ft)     Nepal Himalaya

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