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1-Textile mills are more in the State of Gujarat

2-1st Sugar industry in India Bihar in 1903

3-1st Glass industry in India is Firozabad in 1941.

4-The biggest center of Textile industry is Ahmedabad.

5-Oldest & biggest industry in India Textile industry

6-The state which ranks 1st in the production of textile products in southern India is Tamilnadu

7-1st modern textile mill in India Mumbai in 1854

8- 1st heavy textile industry in India -Fort Glaster near calcutta  in 1818.

9-The Manchester of southern India is Coimbatore

10-1st Jute mill in India -Rishra near Calcutta in 1855.

11-1st wool industry in India -Kanpur in 1876

12-Growth of textile industry is mainly located in the states of Maharashtra, Gujarat, West Bengal & Tamil nadu.

13-1st modern Paper mill in India -Bali near Calcutta in 1870.

14-The State topped in wool products is Punjab

15-The industry which has highest number of employees is Textile industry.

16-1st Paper industry in India is Serampur in West Bengal in 1832

17-1st Iron & Steel industry in India -Asansol near Kuldi in 1875.

18-The State topped in the  hand made Wool  products in cooperative sector is Jammu & Kashmir

19-The State which ranks 1st in the production of silk in the country is Karnataka

20-The place of India in the production of Silk is 2nd Place

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