General Awareness

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General Awareness -Miscellaneous

1-In computing there are 8 bits to a byte what are 4 bits called ?- Nibble

2-What is a male camel called ?- Bull

3-In what country did tulips originate ?- Persia

4-What is specifically defined as 1/48th of an inch ?- A Hairsbreadth

5-Name the first British film studio set up in the 1930s ?- Pinewood Studios

6-Where would you find a Dry Bible ?- Heart chamber of a ruminant

7-Poenosis is what medical condition ?- Chilblains

8-Carom is a form of what sport / game ?- Billiards

9-What country invented cheesecake ?- Greece

10-Which mammal has the fewest teeth ?- Armadillo – none

11-On a prescription what does QOD stand for ?- Take every other day

12-An IVP is used to detect what medical condition ?- Kidney Stones Intravenuspylorigram

13-Don Quixote was the man of La Mancha what’s it in English ?- The Stain

14-Who was the first woman to win an Academy Award  ?- Janet Gaynor 1929

15-What is a mud puppy ?- American Salamander

16-What is the main flavouring in a Greek Tzataili sauce ?- Garlic

17-What colour is iridium ?- Steel Grey

18-Who founded ASH ( Action on Smoking and Health ) in 1971 ?- Royal College of Physicians

19-What organisation opposes ASH ?- FOREST

20-Which cathedral has 4440 statues ?- Milan

21-Tarom Airlines is the national carrier of which country ?- Romania

22-What does an armadillo taste like ?- Pork

23-What European nation was the first to drink tea ?- The Dutch

24-What’s the worlds longest rail journey made no train change ?- Moscow Peking

25-What was first built in the Place de Greve in 1792 ?- The Guillotine

26-Who was called The Man of Destiny Napoleon Bonaparte

27-The flower convallaria is better known as what ?- Lily of the Valley

28-Who invented the rocking chair ?- Benjamin Franklin

29-What did composer Berlioz originally study ?- Medicine

30-Ocean is NOT recognised International Hydrographic Bureau ?- Antarctic Ocean

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