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General Awareness

Important Boundaries between Countries-

Purple Line : Israel and Syria

Green Line : Israel and its neighbours (Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and

Line of Control : India and Pakistan

Marginal Line : 320 km line of fortification on the Russia-Finland

Durand Line : Afghanistan and Pakistan

Line of Actual Control : India & China on the Northern Border

Military Demarcation Line (MDL) or Armistice Line : North Korea and
South Korea

Maginot Line : France & Germany

Radcliffe Line : India and Pakistan (its includes Bangladesh Line)

Mason–Dixon line : Maryland and Pennsylvania/Delaware in Colonial

Blue Line : Isreal & Lebanon

Curzon Line : Poland & Russia

McMohan Line : India & China

Mannar haime line : Russia & Finland
Order Neisse Line : Germany & Poland (aftermath of World War II)

Sigfried Line East : France & Germany (at the time of second world

Hindenburg Line : Poland & Germany (at the time of First World War)

16 Parallel North : Angola and Namibia

17th Parallel Line : North & South Vietnam

20 Parallel North : Libya & Sudan

22 Parallel North : Egypt & Sudan

25 Parallel North : Mauritania & Mali

26 Parallel North : Western Sahara & Mauritania

31 Parallel North : Iraq & Iran

35 Parallel North : US it serves as border b/w Tennessee/Mississippi,
Tennnessee/Alabama, Tennesse/Georgia, North Carolina/Georgia

36 Parallel North : In the US it Forms forms the southernmost
boundary of the state of Missouri with the state of Arkansas

38 Parallel North Line : North & South Korea

40 Parallel North : US it serves as border b/w Nebraska & Kansas

41 Parallel North : US it forms the border b/w wyoming/utah border,
Wyoming/colorado, Nebraska/Colorado.

42 Parallel North : US it serves as border of new york & Pennsylvania

43 Parallel North : US it serves as border of b/w State Nebraska & state
of south Dakota

45 Parallel North : US it forms the boundary b/w Montana & wyoming

49 Parallel North (Medicine Line) : USA & Canada

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