General Awareness

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General Awareness -Miscellaneous

1-The Venice Cup is for women only playing what ?- Bridge.

2-What is the SI unit of power equal to 1.341 horsepower ?- Kilowatt.

3-In what country is the worlds largest pyramid ?- Mexico – Quetzalcoatl.

4-Dybowski’s Formosa and Japanese are types of what ?- Sika or Saki Deer.

                                                                    Sika deer

5-Batrachophobia is a fear of what ?- Frogs and Toads.

6-In what sport would you see a Chistera ?- Pelota.

                                                          During the pelota contest

7-In Washington its illegal to buy what on Sunday ?- A Mattress.

8-In New Zealand what is a Punga ?- A Fern

.                                          Silver fern Frond, showing silver underside

9-In Feng Shui what colour inspires passion ?- Pink.

                                                   A Luopan, Feng shui compass

10-In English superstition what bird should you wish good day ?- Magpie else bad luck.

11-What city was known as Christiana until 1925 ?- Oslo – Sweden

From upper left: Rising skyline over Bjørvika, Royal Palace, Akershus Castle, sunset over the Oslofjord, Stortinget, Oslo Opera House

12-In 1998 the space probe Luna Perfecta found what on the moon ?- Ice.

13-What sea is directly north of Poland ?- Baltic sea

                                                  .Baltic Sea near Klaipėda (Karklė).

14-Crossair originated in what European country ?- Switzerland.

The current Swiss International Air Lines head office at EuroAirport was once the head office of Crossair

15-What is the name of the cranial bone just above your ear ?- Temporal.

16-What tennis player made it to finals US open 8 times in 80s ?- Ivan Lendl.

17-Which Nobel Prize is not awarded annually in Stockholm ?- Peace

18-What book translates as My Struggle ?- Mein Kampf.

19-When a satellite is closest to Earth its position is called what ?- Perigee.

20-A Russian space programs name meant East what was it ?- Vostok

21-The PH scale measures acid or alkali what’s PH stand for ?- Potential of Hydrogen.

22-In sport what stands four feet by six feet ?- An Ice Hockey Net.

23-What was the first man made object to leave the solar system ?- Pioneer 10.

24-What gemstone has a name literally meaning not intoxicated ?- Amethyst


25-Italians often eat a whole what to cover garlicky breath ?- Coffee Bean

26- What is the longest river in western Europe ?- The Volga

27-What countries native name is Land of the long white cloud Aoteraroa – New Zealand Maori

28-Bacardi and Carioca rums come from what country ?- Costa Rico.

29-What golden yellow gem sounds like a fruit related to lemons ?- Citrine.

30-What country finally adopted the Gregorian calendar in 1752 ?- England

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