Biology – Production and management of food from Animals

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Production and management of food from Animals

1-Animal Husbandry -Providing food, shelter and protection of cattle to get milk, meat and other purposes collectively called as animal husbandry.

2-Livestock -It is a method of domestication through which man gets benefitted.

3-Jersy -It is a hybrid england variety of cow.They give 25 litres of milk per day.

4-Holstein -It is a Denmark variety.They give 25 litres of milk per day.

5-Pasteurization -It is a method to preserve milk.

6-Biogas- It is obtained by the process of anaerobic respiration by methanogenic bacteria and it is methane,Ethane and Propane compound.

7-Poultry -It is rearing of birds on a large scale to produce meat and eggs.

8-Hatching -It is a technique to incubate the eggs at certain temperatures.

9-Incubator -An instrument which provides particular temperature.

10-Apiculture -The process of rearing honeybees is called apiculture.

11-Honeybee hive-The colony of honeybees is called beehive.

12-Queen bee-Only one queen bee is present in a beehive and it is only used for laying eggs.

13-Drone-Male bees are called Drones.

14-Aquaculture -Culturing of fishes in water is called aquaculture.

15-Marine Fisheries- Seawater fisheries are called marine fisheries.

16-Inland fisheries -Freshwater culturing of fishes is known as inland fisheries.

17-Breeding-The animals which are ready for heat.This condition is called breeding.

18-Food Processing-While transporting food it must be processed(changing its form) and then proceeded further.

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