Biology -One Liners

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Biology- One Liners



1-Expand DDT- Dichloro diphenyl trichloro ethane


2-Expand BHC-Benzene hexachloride


3-The trophic level of an ecosystem by taking the shape of a pyramid is called an Ecological pyramid.

Ecological pyramid
Ecological pyramid







4-Any type of plant or animal material can be converted into energy is called Biomass


5-The process of growing the fishes and prawns is called Aquaculture


6-0.01 % of fresh water is available as surface water.


7-0.7-0.8% % of fresh water in ground and soil moisture.


8- Expand ICRISAT -International crop research institute for semi arid tropics








9-Ecological pyramids was proposed by Charles Elton


10-The process of entering pollutants in a food chain is called Bioaccumulation.


11-The process of acquiring change is called Evolution


12-The study of fossils is called Palaeontology


13-Law of inheritance was proposed by Mendel








14-Mendel choose 7 pairs of containing characters for his study.


15-The life cycle of pea plant is 1year

pea plant
pea plant







16-The modern name of factor is Gene


17-The details structure of DNA was discovered by Franseiscrick


18-Gene is a segment of DNA which is present in the nucleus of each cell.


19- The process of in which traits are passed from one generation to another is called Inheritance


20- Each human cell contains 22 pairs of autosomes.


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