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1- Lipase converts fats into Fatty acids and glycerol

2-The vitamin which is considered to be a hormone is Vitamin D

3-The blind sac arising from the caecum which  acts as a vestigial organ is Appendix

4-The daily intake of proteins for a moderately active woman is 45 gm

5- Pernicious anemia results in reduction in RBC and moderate increase in plasma

6-Rebert Hooke was the first scientist to use an instrument for biological studies in 1665

7-Leucocytes act as soldiers in our body

8-In human body the longest cell is nerve cell

9-The cell that is concerned with excretion and osmo regulation is flame cell

10-Nucleus was first discovered by Robert Brown

11-Mitochondia organelles is known as ‘power house of the cell

12-Parenchyma cell helps in sorting water and food material

13-Vacuoles in plant cells are bounded by a definite membrane call as Tonoplast

14-Vitamin A is needed to prevent Xerophthalmia

15- Vitamin D is called anthracitic vitamin

16-The disease that are caused by lack of vitamins are called ‘Defienecy disease’.

17-Synthesis of nutrients by green plants is called Photosynthesis

18-The hormones are carried to the target organs by the Blood

19-Kwashiorkor is caused by deficiency of Proteins

20-Scurvy is prevented by vitamin C

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