History-One Liners- June 10, 2017

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History-One Liners


1-Mahatma Gandhiji was the editor of Young India.


2-The ‘Homespun Movement’ and the Salt March promoted by Mahatma Gandhiji in India are examples of his policy of Non-violent protest.

3–Rajagriha is the name given to the Ambedkar’s house built for himself, his family and books at Dadar, in Bombay.


4-Dr. B. R. Ambedkar said, ‘Those who attack Congress and spare Nehru are fools. They do not know the ABCs of the politics ?’

Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar
Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar

5-‘Jai Hind’, the nationalist slogan of India was coined by Subhash Chandra Bose.

6-Article 368 empowers the Parliament to amend the Indian Constitution.

7-Either House of Parliament is authorized to initiate a Bill for Constitutional Amendment

8-In case of Jammu & Kashmir, an Amendment to the Constitution become applicable only after the President issued the necessary orders under the Article 370.

9-The Constitution of Jammu & Kashmir was framed by ‘A special Constituent Assembly’ set up by the State.

10-Article 356 of the Constitution of India deals with Proclamation of President’s Rule in a State.

11-The final interpreter to Indian Constitution is Supreme Court.

Supreme Court of India
Supreme Court of India

12-As per Article 262 of Indian Constitution, disputes relating to waters shall be solved by Parliament.

13-In the Indian Constitution there are three lists: The Union list, the State list and the Concurrent list.

14-The details of salaries, allowances, etc. of the President, Vice President, Speaker, Judges of Supreme Court, etc. are provided in Schedule II.

15-In Berubari Case Case did Supreme Court hold that Preamble was not a part of the Constitution.

16-The Indian State is regarded as federal because the Indian Constitution provides for sharing of power between Center and States.

17-The Indian Federal system is modeled on the Federal system of Canada.

18- Andhra Pradesh State enjoys the distinction of being the first linguistic State of India.

Andhra Pradesh
Andhra Pradesh

19-In Keshavananda Bharti Case did Supreme Court hold that the Preamble was a part of the Constitution.

20-India is known as Parliamentary Democracy because Executive is responsible to the Parliament

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