Biology-Glossary Terms

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Biology-Glossary Terms

Maltase: Breaks down maltose into glucose.

Sucrase: Breaks down sucrose into glucose

Trypsin: Breaks down polypeptides into dipeptides.

Peptidases: Breaks down dipeptides into amino acids

Lipase: Breaks down fates (lipids) into fatty acids and glycerol.

From the pancreas mainly 4 chemicals are produced

Pancreatic amylase: Breaks down starch into maltose.

Sodium hydrogen carbonate (NaHCO3): Neutralizes acids from the stomach and provides alkaline pH in the duodenum.

Lipase: Breaks down fats into fatty acids and glycerol.

Trypsin: Breaks down starch into maltose.

Pepsin: Digestive enzyme, which breaks down proteins into smaller polypeptides.

Pepsinogen: An inactive form of pepsin that is then activated by the hydrochloric acid.

Venule: The vein that carries amino acids and monosaccharides. They are found in the villi.

Appendix: A vestigial organ located the between the ileum and colon.

Arteriole: The vein that transports blood in the villi.

Caesium: Another vestigial organ located near the appendix.

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